Communication management with IT tools

Which communication mechanism do you have most problems with? 33% of PMI Moscow international business breakfast participants said that it is Steering Committee and 21% mentioned Change board. Only 8% of participants said that they don’t have problems with communications.

Jessica Krol, Senior project manager at Microsoft, shared her experience of using IT tools to improve communication on the project and showed some examples of it in Azure DevOps.

The key idea is to move from static communications when, for example, you go with PowerPoint presentation to share project status to dynamic where actual project data is stored in one IT tool and can easily be accessed at any given time. Here are some tips how to get started using IT tools to create dynamic communication:

- Review your organization’s communication priorities

- Create an adoption and change management plan

- Seek feedback from stakeholders about their communications needs. Note: their needs will change throughout the project, and dashboards will need to adapt to address these needs

- Begin to visually represent data

- Consider different dashboards for different stakeholder groups

- Mandate that all items are to be entered directly into the tool as soon as they arise

- Ensure communications reference the ID an item is assigned in the tool