Denis Vukosav - Design Thinking

PMI Moscow Chapter Open Webinar - "Design Thinking"

26-Sep-2019 by Denus Vukoslav

Vice-president PMI Ireland Chapter


Design Thinking deals with abilities we all have, though don’t use them often due to more conventional problem-solving practices. This human-centered approach relies on our ability to be intuitive and deliver ideas that are not only functional but also have an emotional meaning.

Introduction of Design Thinking creativity tools and empathy into project management enables the transition towards being customer-focused, provides an opportunity to find out alternative solutions and solve the right issues. Additionally, Design Thinking enables us to experiment with approaches that measure success not only by profit but on a balance between business sustainability and social impact.

The traditional project management role is to put a process in place that prevents delivery problems. However, such a process and predictability it seeks to generate is often not in sync with the key to success - innovation. Using Design Thinking, the innovative project management methods can be applied which still ensure project oversight, but don’t suffocate creativity.

In this interactive session, attendees will recognize techniques and methods for developing creativity and identify ways how to apply innovation in project management practice.

Denis Vukosav is a speaker and author recognized as one of the most prominent voices advocating for creativity and innovation in project management. As the Vice President at State Street, Mr. Vukosav leads the U.S. and EMEA program for the company’s key client. Prior to joining State Street, Denis Vukosav worked for 15 years as a PMO Head and Program Manager in Finance, Card Payments, and Airlines industries. Experienced in Design Thinking, Agile & Waterfall delivery, Mr. Vukosav has a master's degree in organizational management, he has been a 2009 Kerzner International Project Manager of the Year finalist and has been a PMP certification holder since 2009.

Webinar language is English.