PMI provides two basic forms of membership - individual and for students.
The annual cost of individual membership in PMI is $ 139 + $ 10 at a time when joining.

The annual membership fee for students is $ 32 + $ 10 at a time when joining.

For an additional fee, you can also join one or more PMI offices. Each member of the PMI may choose to be a member of several branches. Depending on the policies of each department, membership can be free or with an annual fee. PMI Moscow Branch organizes events for members, various discounts on events related to project management, as well as exclusive content available on this site for authorized branch members.

You can pay and renew your membership from a VISA / MasterCard / AmEx plastic card or by money transfer. If you have disabled automatic renewal of membership - PMI reminds you of the need to renew by e-mail and a paper letter with an account.

Membership in PMI is possible through the online store on the PMI website, indicating your details in the online form.

Additionally, you can apply for a group application - from an educational institution or organization, which will save time and money.

Also, there is a "pension" program - membership at a discount. It is available to PMI members who have more than 5 years of membership and retired, but who want to keep their finger on the pulse.

Benefits and opportunities for PMI members

As a PMI member, you can gain significant benefits that will enhance your professionalism and career. These benefits include access to member-only services and discounts on most PMI products.

Member Services Only

1. PMI members receive free on-line access to PMI standards, including the PMBOK® Guide, on the website of the PMI Membership Zone and the PMI Members Online Community.

2. PMI members receive a subscription to the PM Network monthly magazine and PM Today newsletter. In the Membership Zone, you can also read a project management magazine for professionals Project Management Journal, published quarterly.

3. As a member of PMI, you can join many organizations within PMI, including the Chapters, which are organized geographically. These organizations provide a wide range of services, including educational programs, case studies, PMP Certification preparation, and more.

4. The PMI Member Area on the PMI website gives you free access to a wide range of information. PMI members can read and print fresh and old issues of PM Network, PM Today and Project Management Journal, view PMI Standards documentation, request data on the latest Payroll Survey, use links to information on the hottest project management issues and data on opportunities International Development Grant from US Government.

5. For members of PMI, premium access to resources is organized by login and password from for participation in discussions and exchange of materials. Bonus access means access to all materials and webinars posted on the site. When participating in webinars through the site, PDUs are charged to the personal account automatically with a delay of several days.

6. PMI members can take advantage of the Professional Responsibility and General Liability Insurance Programs (for owners of their own businesses) with the option to choose an insurance package.

7. PMI members seeking employment can post their resume on the Career Headquarters website for employers. Those who are looking for an employee can post a job ad with a fifty percent discount. This amount also includes access to the PMI CareerLink Directory, which contains thousands of resumes from PMI members.

8. PMI members receive significant PMP exam payment discounts. Those who have successfully passed this exam have significant discounts on re-certification. PMI members have discounts on registering for PMI's Seminars World® courses, as well as participating in all online training, including eSeminarsWorldSM courses.

9. PMI members have discounts on registration when attending international PMI congresses - PMI Global Congresses.

10. PMI members who wish to attend project management conferences may also often receive a discount.

11. PMI members may purchase books, training programs and products related to project management in the PMI online store at a discount.

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